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Cremation fees

Effective from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

Item Fee
Standard service, adult cremation fee (60-minute chapel use, providing a 45-minute service, Monday to Friday) £890
Short service, adult cremation fee (30-minute chapel use providing a 20-minute service, selected times, Monday to Friday) £605
Children and baby cremation and service fee (those under 18 years old or early gestational pregnancy) No charge
Saturday adult cremation fee (60 minute chapel use, providing 45 minute service) £1,100
Direct cremation* £320
Direct cremation of adult body parts* (no service, cremation only) £65

The above cremation fees include the:

  • administration, medical and environment permit fees – in line with statutory requirements covered by the crematoria
  • use of our chapel and attendance of our chapel staff on the day of the service
  • use of our media system via our media provider includes free music throughout the service time slot and the display of a single photo of your choice. Additional media options can be requested at a charge
  • scattering of ashes within our Garden of Remembrance witnessed or unwitnessed, the preparation of the ashes for their removal including a biodegradable box, along with a cremation certificate or the temporary storage of ashes for three months

Additional chapel fees

Item Fee
Chapel use only (60 minutes with 45 minute memorial service, no cremation, Monday to Friday) £570
Additional time in the chapel (to extend standard service time by a further 45 minutes, Monday to Friday) £570
Additional time in chapel Saturday service (to extend standard service time by a further 45 minutes) £780
Accompany direct cremation (no service, attendance to accompany coffin into the chapel before a direct cremation for a final goodbye) £405

* Unattended direct cremation is a service with no mourners present, the coffin will enter through our chapel and spend a respectful moment there before cremation.

Double cremation services (two coffins during one service time) are charged as one service plus a direct cremation charge.

Other fees

Item Fee
Use of coffin waiting (coffin delivered on the night before or the morning of the service and placed in chapel before service) £37.50
Use of wheeled bier £11
Storage of ashes (per month after the first three months of cremation) £20
Scattering of ashes in the Garden of Remembrance (when cremation has taken place elsewhere) £60
Exceeding chapel time fee (for services that overrun their allotted service times) £570
Additional box* (for split ashes, per additional box) £11
Token keepsake of ashes* (placed in a 9cm scatter tube - cost per tube) £6.50

Media streaming services

Item Description Fee
Live and on-demand webcast A professionally live-streamed service so that people can still watch and pay their respects virtually. With live and on demand, families can share the secure link with others to watch as it’s happening or view online for a further 28 days. (2 working day delay between service and re-viewing) A downloadable file is also included at no extra cost. £65

Visual media

Item Fee
Basic slideshow Photo slideshow of up to 25 photos with simple transitions that can be set to loop. This option does not include music. £69
Music slideshow A beautifully simple photo tribute of up to 25 photos, timed to their chosen piece of music with fade transitions. Formerly known as the Pro Tribute. £95
Themed tribute A photo montage with a difference; users can choose from a range of themes and have up to 25 photos professionally edited and timed to their chosen piece of music. £120
Family supplied Family-supplied video/photo tribute used as received with basic quality checks performed by the Obitus team. £35
Extras Extra single photo A surcharge for any additional holding images beyond the Halo photo. £18
Extra work charge A fee that is applied to any of the standard products for additional work outside the norm. £35
Extra photo charge For each extra 25 photos on a visual tribute. £35

Service for people under 18

Item Description Fee
Live and on-demand webcast For young people under the age of 18, we offer a free live and on-demand webcast, Halo photo and basic slideshow of up to 25 photos. No charge

Visual tributes should be requested and finalised 48 hours ahead of the service to ensure they can be processed in time. Please note that we are only able to accept tributes via our media supplier. Visual tributes can be requested after the normal 48-hour cut-off point but cannot be guaranteed.


Item Description Fee
DVD/USB/Blu-ray/audio CD A keepsake copy of the service, tribute, or both. £70
Video book A keepsake video book displaying the service, tribute, or
Memory box A premium quality memory box with 25 printed photos,
a keepsake USB or a keepsake DVD displaying the live
stream/tribute, or both if both products were chosen.
Second copies Extra copies of keepsake DVD, USB or Blu-ray. £40
Tribute download link A downloadable version of the music or themed tribute, to keep forever. £18

Where VAT is inclusive, VAT is charged at 20%.


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