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Book of remembrance


Chapel of Remembrance

The Chapels of Remembrance offer a place to sit and reflect.  

Chilterns crematorium 

The chapel has windows facing out across the memorial grounds and is home to our:  

  • Books of Remembrance 
  • leather plaques 

Flowers can be placed in the chapel, and vases are available for use.  

Bierton crematorium 

Bierton Crematorium has a small, dedicated room for the Book of Remembrance.  

Flowers can be placed, and vases are available for use 

Books of Remembrance

The Books of Remembrance provide a permanent record of a loved one.  

The book rests inside our Chapels of Remembrance at each crematorium offering a quiet space to reflect and remember your loved one.  

The Book of Remembrances embossed in gold capital writings with a wide stripe of gold patterns on the left-hand side on a green leather hard cover.
Book of remembrance

Hand drawn

 All entries are hand-lettered by calligraphers with the wording of your choice.  

As well as their name and dates, the memorial entry can include a personal tribute, a short poem or a message. A hand-drawn illustration can be included with your entry.  

Book of remembrance
Book of remembrance

Mini books and cards

Handmade reproductions of the memorial inscription are available on: 


  • folded remembrance cards  
  • miniature Book of Remembrance 


This creates personal keepsakes that you can look at whenever you wish. 

The reproductions contain a precise copy of the loved one’s memorial entry, including the illustration. They are done by the same artist who created the original entry.

There is also space for more entries in the miniature books. This can make a unique family record that can be passed down through the generations. 

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