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We have a variety of plaque memorials available around our Gardens of Remembrance.   

Memorials can act as a place to reflect or to mark an area close to the scattering of ashes.  

Types of memorial plaques

  • shrubbery 
  • birdbath
  • sundial
  • barbican
  • mushroom
  • leather
  • bench

Each individual personalised plaque sits on a shared communal memorial.

Decorative, granite mushrooms on the grounds of Chiltern crematorium memorial garden.
Granite mushroom memorial

How to order

For further information, please view our memorial booklet or contact our memorial officer at

For all other forms please contact our memorial officer.


All our plaque memorial leases can be renewed after the initial lease period has expired.

We’ll contact you before your renewal is up to give you the option to renew.



If you have any questions about a memorial renewal, contact our office team on 01494 742 263 option 2.

Memorial markers evenly spaced out along a footpath. Dense trees, shrubs and plants arranged beautifully behind.
Chilterns memorial garden
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