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Religious services

Our crematoria chapels are all non-denominational so can cater for all religions. 

About the service

You can choose any chosen religious representative to conduct your service. The service for burial and cremation is the same except for the form of committal sentences given at the end of the service.

Ivory wax candle placed inside a glass candle holder, on a cork base, inside Bierton chapel.

Choice of location

You can request the service take place at:

  • your regular place of worship (with a short committal service at the crematorium)
  • the whole service in our crematorium chapel

We can also help arrange services that need to take place in a brief period after the death.

In the middle there is a beige, wooden bench onlooking green shrubs and extended grass space. Above, there is blue sky and floating white clouds.

Religious symbols

We can display any religious symbols on our monitors in the chapel. 

In some of our chapels, we can display religious symbols on the wall or on a table. Please speak to our office team for more details on availability. 

Available wall or table symbols include: 

  • cross 
  • crucifix 
  • om 
  • khanda 
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The service

Services can include any religious aspects, including: 

  • an open coffin  
  • coffin placed on trestles in the centre of the chapel 
  • pinda 
  • flowers 


Music and hymns

We can use our discreet speakers in our chapel to play: 

  • hymns  
  • bhajan 
  • Gurbani  

If a piece of music or hymn is not available, our media team will locate a copy where possible. 

Chiltern crematorium courtyard


Witnessing the coffin entering the cremator can be part of the process of saying goodbye to a loved one. 

Upon request, 6 family members can witness the charging of the coffin into the cremator. This takes place during the last 10 minutes of your service time; our staff will escort you to the crematory. A short prayer may take place before the coffin is ‘charged’ into the cremator. 

The ‘charging’ of the coffin can only be performed by our trained staff.

We do not offer witness charges on our last service of the day or for direct cremations. 

Speak to the team

If you need any further information, please contact our office.

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