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Direct cremation

Direct cremations are becoming more popular. These are a cremation without a funeral service or the attendance of the family.

A direct cremation allows you to celebrate a loved one’s life without the constraints and cost of a traditional funeral.

Often referred to as a funeral ‘without the fuss’. The direct cremation option is suitable for those who want to remember their loved one in their own way. Or those accommodating the wishes of a loved one who has requested a direct cremation and no funeral service.

Direct cremation companies

Many direct cremation companies (either independent or part of a larger funeral group) will provide a direct cremation service. Often sold in pre-arranged packages.

These companies will collect your loved one and once the cremation has taken place they will return the ashes to you.

They provide a very convenient service, which is suitable for most. But, there is either no or limited choice of where the cremation of your loved one takes place. Often the cremation would not be local to you.

All funeral directors can provide you with the same service. Often at the same or near to the cost as these companies but within your local area.

They will allow you the choice of being able to choose which crematorium you would like your loved one cremated at.

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Our direct cremation service

Direct cremations take place without a funeral service at the crematorium and without any mourners present.

A service or wake for the deceased can still take place with the flexibility of family and friends being able to arrange a time and location that suits them.

At Chilterns and Bierton Crematoria, we treat every deceased with the highest respect and care regardless of the type of service booked.

All coffins that are cremated at our crematoria arrive through our chapel doors and are placed in our chapel and catafalque for a moment of respect before the cremation process takes place, usually on the same day.


With most traditional funeral costs starting at around £3,000, the option of a direct cremation is a cost-effective one.

At Chilterns and Bierton Crematoria, we charge £320 for a direct cremation, a fee that we have maintained for 3 years.

This allows many local and independent funeral directors in our area to offer a direct cremation at a lower cost than a standard funeral service with starting prices from £1,300.

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Additional option

We understand that the choice of how you say goodbye to your loved one is important and that for some, a direct cremation does not provide the right closure.

For those who need more elements to be able to say goodbye to their loved one, we offer an accompanied direct cremation at Bierton Crematorium.

This option does not allow a service to take place in our chapel. The immediate family accompany their loved one into the chapel before saying their final goodbye whilst the coffin is placed on the catafalque.

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