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December 2023 

Chilterns and Bierton Crematoria have donated £7,000 to The Hospice of St Francis.  

With the consent of families, metals recovered during the cremation are recycled and the profit raised is used to support bereavement charities run by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management and OrthoMetals. 

A spokesperson for the Hospice of St Francis has said: 

‘‘Thank you for caring and for supporting us by donating an amazing £7,000. Here at The Hospice of St Francis, we are dedicated to providing professional care every day of the year to hundreds of local families who desperately need our specialist care.  

“But we couldn’t do this without your support. Gifts like yours make an incredible difference ensuring we are there for our patients and their families for as long as they need us. 

“It costs over £5 million to provide our very special services free of charge each year. We simply wouldn’t be able to continue our care without the generosity of people like you. Your kindness is truly appreciated by all of us at the Hospice.’’ 

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