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December 2023 

Cruse Buckinghamshire is delighted to confirm that we received a donation of £7,000 from Chilterns Crematorium through their Recycling of Metals Scheme. This is a wonderful contribution to our local services and we are so very grateful to the team and all involved at Chilterns Crematorium for their amazing support. 


“Cruse Buckinghamshire has a network of 58 bereavement volunteers who have undertaken extensive and specialist training to provide professional person-centred support to bereaved children, young people and adults living across Buckinghamshire. Our amazing volunteers give a huge amount of their own time to support those struggling with grief, through one-to-one and group support sessions, in-person, online and over the phone. 


“The death of a loved one is probably the most devastating experience that will ever happen to us. Our local Bereavement Volunteers help bereaved people navigate complex feelings associated with loss, develop coping strategies, and resilience and to identify additional support networks, helping them to adjust to daily life whilst remembering and celebrating the lives of those they have lost.   


“We’ve had the privilege of attending memorial events at Chilterns Crematorium, where our Bereavement Volunteers have been on hand to support those attending and we look forward to continuing to work together, to support those grieving in local communities across Buckinghamshire.  


“Thank you for this generous donation which will enable us to recruit and train new bereavement volunteers so that we can support many more bereaved people through what can be one of the most painful times in life.” 


Mike Muller, Chair – Cruse Bereavement Support Buckinghamshire 

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