Award-winning design

Flowers beds and shrubs outside Beirton Crematorium building

September 2021 

Just 2 years after opening, Bierton Crematorium has been awarded a RIBA South Award 2021. 

RIBA is the Royal Institute of British Architects it has been recognising design work for the past 180 years. 

Councillor Nick Naylor said:  

“The crematorium now open provides the same well-regarded service to residents as we provide at our Chilterns Crematorium in Amersham.” 

We were delighted to be able to build and open one in the Aylesbury area – especially with the population in Aylesbury growing so rapidly.” 

A spokesperson for Havestock, the architectural company responsible for the crematorium design, said:  

“It was with great pleasure we were able to nominate this building for an RIBA award. Set on slightly elevated ground north of Aylesbury and the village of Bierton, the design of this new crematorium demonstrates a considered approach to the traditional layout whilst incorporating different cultural needs and providing a respectful setting. 

“The building plan is clear and functional and allows mourners to proceed from one area to the next in a logical manner yet offering time to pause and reflect.’’ 

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