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Mother’s Day, Sunday 10th March 2024

yellow flowers

It is always an honour to be privy to special moments of commemoration at the crematorium.
Our chapel of Remembrance was full of these moments on Mothering Sunday. The community attended throughout the day to leave flowers and walk the grounds in memory of their passing mother figures.
We were privileged to offer our Hampden chapel to those who wanted a space to sit and reflect on this day. We were joined by a wonderful bereavement volunteer from Rennie Grove Peace who was available to talk and signpost those in need.
Donations were kindly received for Rennie Grove Peace Hospice although this was a free offering to the community and all were welcome.
To all those who left their seeded letters to loved ones with us. You will be able to see the flowers blooming in Area 1 of our gardens as the warmer weather joins us. For those of you who took your seeded letters home, we hope that as they flower they bring you comfort.

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