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Buckinghamshire crematorium

Chilterns and Bierton Crematorium

Our aim

Chilterns and Bierton Crematoria are proud to be part of Buckinghamshire Council.   

We provide a high-quality, sensitive cremation service for Buckinghamshire residents and the surrounding communities.   

We aim to continue being the leading crematoria of choice. Providing tranquillity and welcoming spaces for everyone in our communities.   

Our respectful service offers a tailored experience with sensitivity and empathy by professional and caring staff. 

Entrance to Bierton crematorium with two large plant pots, holding red flowers, on either side of the footpath.
Bierton crematorium entrance


We focus on not only providing a space for those with bereavement but also on supporting our surrounding communities and charity groups.  

We do this through planned events, community engagement, tours, fundraising and donations.  

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Our crematoria are open to all. If you would like to tour our facilities or discuss how we can support, you further please contact our office.

Chilterns chapel of remembrance
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