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Music and media

We work with funeral media specialists Obitus to deliver high-quality audio-visual services to give you the funeral service you want.

You can personalise your loved one’s funeral with:  

  • music 
  • video 
  • photos  

We also have the facilities to stream and record your funeral service.  

We can provide keepsakes of the service, the tribute video, or both, to be watched in the future.


We can provide the right music to create a moving moment of reflection.

Our personalised service allows you to:

  • choose your music and let your funeral director or celebrant know what you want
  • hear your tracks played through concert-grade speakers in our venue

Visual tributes

Pictures are a beautiful way to remember your loved one.

We provide visual tributes on our 65’’ HD screens. From a single image to a video montage – all using your photos, film, and music.

Media keepsake of a record player
Record player

Single photo

A picture of your loved one displayed on our screens throughout the funeral service.

Music Tribute

Music tributes are a compelling way to present your loved one’s life. Creating a powerful moment of reflection.

Themed tribute

Whether the departed possessed a creative flair, loved to travel, or enjoyed time in the garden, the Themed Tribute brings an added layer of personalisation. 

Basic slideshow

A tasteful slideshow which fades between each photo.

Please note this option does not include music.

Photographs of people in black and white and in colour


Our live and and on-demand streaming service allows friends and family to watch the ceremony as it happens or during the following 28 days.

We can also provide a video recording to watch in your own time, presented as a keepsake in various formats.


Sometimes the day of a funeral can be a bit of a blur. With our memorial keepsakes, you can watch the service, video tribute, or both at a time that suits you.

Find out more about our token and keepsakes.

Live music

If you would like you can have live music played at the service. we will work with your funeral arranger to accommodate this.


We have an electric organ available for use at both our crematoria locations.

Both organs are free to use but an organist will need to be arranged.

Person in a white jumper holding a cup with both hands and resting the laptop on their lap to watch a live stream.
Live stream
Music Maestro
Music Maestro

Frequently asked questions

we appreciate that you may not want any pictures, videos, or music at the service.  

Giving you the choice to create your perfect goodbye is what matters most to us. 

we appreciate that you may not want any pictures, videos, or music at the service.  

Giving you the choice to create your perfect goodbye is what matters most to us. 

Visit Obitus – music-search to explore what’s already available (password – melody) 

On the rare occasion your choice isn’t already in our library, the Obitus team will do all they can to find it for you. 

Single Photo features
  • first single photo is free of charge with your service 
  • one photo, displayed on all available screens throughout the service.  
  • the option to have many single photos is also available upon request.  
  • Obitus’ dedicated team will quality-check your photo before submitting it to the venue. 
Music tribute features  
  • your choice of 25 photos timed to your choice of music track.  
  • played at your chosen time during the service. 
  • careful creation and editing of your chosen photos and music. To create an impactful music tribute. 
Basic slideshow features
  • your choice of 25 photos  
  • played at a chosen moment or looped for the duration of the service
  • careful quality check and cropping of your photos. To create a streamlined slideshow for display
Themed tribute features
  • your choice of 25 photos
  • times perfectly to your chosen song and theme
  • choose a theme that reflects the life lived. Explore Themed Tributes
  • this tribute can be played at a chosen moment of the service

Clear view 

  • you can see the catafalque, lectern, the front row of mourners and the tribute screens.  

Watch from anywhere:  

  • the stream connection is checked each morning for online viewing confidence.  

Private and secure:  

  • unique login details for each service are sent to your funeral arranger to share.  


  • after the service, a video will be available online within two working days. Watch for a further 28 days at a time that suits you. 

Two local organists can be booked at Chilterns. For services at Bierton, an organist would need to be sourced by your funeral arranger.  

There is not an organ available in the Hampden Chapel at Chilterns. 

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