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Chiltern Grounds

Chiltern Grounds
Chiltern grounds

Chiltern Crematorium rests on ancient woodland and meadow within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The views from the grounds look out onto the surrounding rolling farmland and hills 

Memorials & remembrance

Areas of our grounds are dedicated to remembrance, memorials and scattering of ashes. Gravel paths lead to plaque memorials that are placed around the garden. A formal lawned garden at the base of our garden is home to memorial stones and ash vaults.  

We have a dedicated grounds and ecology manager and team working full-time in our gardens. They manage and tend to the gardens and ensure our grounds care for the local wildlife.    

Decorative, granite mushrooms on the grounds of Chiltern crematorium memorial garden.
Decorative granite mushrooms
Footpath along woodland green space in the memorial garden
Memorial garden

Our site is home to a variety of animals, including: 

  • robins, woodpeckers and wrens  
  • endangered birds, such as song thrush, linnet, skylark and mistle thrush 
  • pipistrelle bats, which live in heated bat boxes on our building walls 

In quiet moments you can spot deer within the woods on and around our grounds. We are also proud to take part in the Big Butterfly Count each year.  

Biodiversity and ecology

Our biodiverse woodland habitat attracts a variety of insects to support the ecology of our grounds.  

To further support the wildlife within our grounds we have included:   

  • bird boxes  
  • deadwood habitats (made from the logs of our annual tree maintenance)  
  • bug houses   
  • wildflower meadows.  

Annual inspections take place on all our trees ensuring their health and safety. We follow guidance from the Forestry Commission on suitable native trees for planting within our grounds.  

Memorial markers evenly spaced out along a footpath. Dense trees, shrubs and plants arranged beautifully behind.
Chilterns memorial garden
Wooden bughouse outside, surrounded by trees. It is in shape of a vertical rectangle, with a metal triangle roof on top.
Chilterns bughouse
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