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Formal garden memorials

Dedicated formal areas of our Garden of Remembrance are the home to individual memorials.  

Memorials sit along the sides of pathways. If families wish, cremation ashes can be scattered on the grass behind the stone memorial or placed inside a vault memorial. 

Types of memorials

We have a selection of different stone and vault memorials:

  • Appleby
  • Double Heart
  • Howard book
  • Memorial stone
  • Monarch vault
  • Sanctum 2000 vault

Memorial spaces are leased for a pre-agreed period of time.

Many garden memorial stone in shape of a cuboid with another stone at the foot and arranged in neat rows. Memorial information on the front-facing side of the stone. The stone at the foot holds flowers on top.
Garden memorial stones

If you would like to know more

For more information or to book a meeting to discuss your requirements, contact our memorial officer at

Renewing a memorial

All our plaque memorial leases can be renewed after the initial lease period has expired.

A letter is sent to the applicant before the end of the current lease period to ask them to either:

  • renew their lease
  • request the removal of the memorial from our grounds

If you have any questions about a memorial renewal, contact our office team on 01494 742 263 option 2.

Chiltern memorial open green space with a T-shaped footpath.
Chilterns memorial area
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